Vila Roses Flower

$29.99 $16.99

How wonderful isn't to have roses in your home? You can turn your home into a lovely modern and colorful Vila Rose-home By ONETIC DESIGN.

Roses symbolize love and beauty, so it is no surprise that these flowers are a major staple of home decor. Roses have been around for years they are still an indisputably classic wedding flower, which really makes them perfect for any arrangement and home styling. Fall in love with your home with Vila Roses


  • Specifications:
  • Color: 7 colors    
  • Whole length about 30cm/11.82inch
  • Flower sizer about 6cm/2.37inch
  • Package: 1 piece (including 5 Flower heads and 4 buds.
  • High quality material: Durable, Synthetic

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