Lilly Flowers Bouquet

$37.99 $26.99

Everyone recognizes them selves when it comes to empty vases at home, why are they empty? By ONETIC DESIGN it will be easier to come up with colorful ideas for your home..

Here is your Lilly Flowers in many beautiful colorful bouquets, It can be placed everywhere in your home to brighten up the atmosphere and make your home more lovely! Make your home more colorful today...


  • Product Name: Fiona Bouquet
  • Material: Silk, Plastic
  • Flower Type:
  • Crab apple, Pompom Flower Head, Eucalyptus Leaves and other Green Leaves and plants
  • Size: Artificial flower height about 33cm (12.9 in);
  •          flower bouquet diameter 20cm (7.8 inch)
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